A Self contained – Hybrid, Format Docu - Streamed on YouTube

The show will have arched story lines. The viewer will see relationships or stories progress over the course of the season but most of the episodes will be satisfactory in and of itself. There are problems or challenges that presents themselves during the process of completing a project and they try to solve them. There is always a resolution at the end. It is a hybrid because it’s DOCU in the sense that the host and the creative people involved are the great characters that the show revolves around. REAL characters, real stories, real relationships and interactions which allows for the viewer to become invested in the characters. However, it is also FORMAT because every episode will have a structure, leading up to the completion of a creative project.

The story line has relationship sagas weaved into the episode which are true DOCU. 


Each episode, Katja and a strong cast of creative professionals take on the challenges of completing a creative project. Each project is unique and features charismatic industry professionals as well as interesting locations and events.

Every moment is captured as katja and her team tirelessly research and make a plan. The creativity and innovation will enchant the viewer while the elaborate problem solving and hilarious amateur mistakes will have an emotional impact on both artist and viewer.


Katja Müller moved to Los Angeles in 2008 with her family. Creativity has always been a major part of her life. As she grew it revealed itself in various forms of art (including photography, writing, sewing, cooking, music and dance). Eventually she attended film school and worked on set design among other positions. Today Katja’s creative vision is the personality behind ARTISTIC HABITAT a home + decor company based out of Los Angeles owned by her and her parents.

As an important member of this demanding three-year-old business, Katja must constantly find a balance between figuring out how to be a business owner/ entrepreneur and fulfilling the creative callings that she constantly wants to pursue. Not to mention the emotional roller-coaster of working with her parents (Especially when one of the current projects she is involved in is helping her parents rebuild the house that they lost in a fire.)

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