Works in mixed media on canvas from 2018 to present.


Since February 2021 I have been working on my first 3D animation which I will also be making music for. I plan to release it as an NFT.

I went to Dodge College for film directing. Since then, I have made a couple of movies and worked on some cool projects. 


I like fashion. It's wearable art. 

I've created a lot of content about it.  


I am passionate about transforming interiors. I want to explore ways of using new technology to program the environment and create moments of peace for humanity.


For me, photoshop is the fastest and easiest way to get an idea out into the world.


Works in mixed media on paper from 2018 to present.


I have thousands of videos on my phone that I have taken over the years. Here is a small sample of them. 


Gigantic art is fun.

I love the process of slowly making a massive work of art where there was nothing before. 

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For over five years,

I worked in an industry that allowed me to learn how to make things.


I have been learning to use SparkAR and Cinema 4D because I am interested in mastering new techniques and learning to use modern tools to make art

Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 10.20.36

I have made a few abstract murals and I am working on a couple of astronaut related ideas that I would love to find a wall for. 


Sometimes an old record, a paint pallet or a bowl of wooden fruit is better than a canvas.


Can we make iridescent 

monarch butterflies?

How about a rose that is completely black from stem to bud? Is it possible to make living art? Is it moral? 

I want to find out.


I started taking photos with my dad's vintage 35mm camera when I was 12. 


I grew up playing the piano.

Last year I downloaded LogicPro and have been experimenting with it since.

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