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"Never regard study as duty but as the enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your later work belongs."

- Albert Einstein



You can spend a thousand years trying to understand humanity… it will still surprise you. We are an incredible creature. Nothing can collaborate the way we do. We have built a world that our ancestors would have marveled at. To them it would be magic. We have been able to do this because we are an incredibly adaptable species. Being adaptable and viewing the future as something that is not concrete or on a particular course is important. That is where we find our power and the will to influence our collective future. We all have strengths that we can use to make the world a better place. For me its art. I believe that life imitates art. We are seeing it right now with Volodymyr Zelenskyy who became president after enamoring his country with a film performance (in which his character was the president of Ukraine). The film and his performance resonated and inspired the people of Ukraine. So, they called for it to become a reality. I have never seen a more literal embodiment of life imitating art. The more I learn about this, the more I feel a responsibility to produce work that encourages a future worth fighting for.

My art is about how things can go well. 


 I make art about a future that is exciting. Change keeps coming at us very, very fast. As this technological evolution plays out, I strive for my work to be a mirror. I hope that whoever sees it, sees themselves and the part that they can play in the future of humanity. Because that future can be very, very bright.

Though we cannot speak of humans without acknowledging the horrors we are capable of, there is so much hope, abundance and adventure in our future. Things will never be perfect. Entropy.


It feels true that utopia and dystopia are two ends of a spectrum and that somebody’s utopia is another’s dystopia. I like the idea of finding a balance between them, of accepting the darkness humanity is capable of while constantly trying to starve it. I like the idea of a protopia because it seems realistic. (Protopia is simply a term that denotes the gradual improvement of society over time, without claiming either perfection or the reaching of a point of stability).


There is a lot of talk about the dangers of technology and how it could destroy the future. I disagree with this, I believe that what we are doing is natural, that it is just humanity evolving. We will not destroy ourselves. However, it is important that humanity evolves alongside technology and innovation. Without humanitarian evolution, it would be a disaster. I think that we should use new technology to replace outdated systems instead of merely mending systems that no longer serve us.


Without a doubt Earth is the best planet and should be our priority, but I am also obsessed with outer space, space technologies and the human effort to commercialize space. I think it represents an incredible step that humanity is about to take. Humans leaving earth to go to another planet feels as relevant as when that odd walking fish left the ocean and marked what is probably the greatest moment for fauna on Earth. However, one of the things I try to talk about in my work is the idea that HOW we take this next step in human evolution is more important than WHY. In my opinion the why is simply human nature but how we move forward is something we have a choice in. One of the main ideas I try to communicate in my work is the importance of becoming the best version of ourselves so that we can face the future with grace and a clear objective. Humanity must decide what kind of being we want to be as we enter this new stage in our evolution. I believe that we will sail out into the cosmos with history by our side, that we have learned from our mistakes and will remember them going forward. We will populate the solar system with kindness, curiosity and art. I think that humanity is fundamentally good and that we will bring life back or for the first time to many planets. We must remember the hard lessons history has taught us, and then, fiercely embark on our inevitable role in the cosmos.


Back on earth, we must take responsibility of our mistakes when it comes to our environment. I am very interested in bio art and want to find ways of using my creativity to make art that is also functional and a positive addition to the environment. I worked in the interior design/ architecture industry for about 5 years. Everything we sold in our store was sustainable. The wood tables were made of trees that died naturally in hurricanes and other similar events. This is the type of products that I want to continue sharing with my community in order to help change the way we see mass production, craftsmanship and sustainable goods. I want to continue doing so. My dream is to make sustainable and affordable 3D printed homes that look and feel like part of natural environments. A symbiosis with the natural world. Though aesthetic and art are a big part of why I want to make this project a reality, my focus is the mental health industry. I believe that many of the “disorders” and other mental health issues are caused or severely aggravated by our modern environments. I feel that the world is not currently a place that serves everyone. I think that by creating these homes, I would be helping people find a little bit of peace. I want to collaborate with psychiatrists, psychologists, artists, philosophers, designers, architects, engineers, etc… in order to take a multifaceted approach to this project. I always strive to collaborate with other people. I think that without a community, an artist is only a fraction of who they could be.


Another goal I have is to donate my time a couple times per week to work with neurodivergent children who have experienced trauma. I want to teach young consciousness that there are different ways of being human. I want them to understand that diversity is one of our greatest strengths. I think the problem is not neurodivergence but rather the way neurotypical people try to force neurodivergent people to be neurotypical. 


Sometimes I teach art to kids in my studio. If you are interested please follow the link below. 


I hope that this gives you an idea of who I am and the role I am hoping to have in the world.


Thank you, truly. I really appreciate you taking the time to learn about me and my work.




I have been making art since I was a young girl. Growing up my creative focus was photography and filmmaking. Though, storytelling has been the core of my creativity all along. That is what my work is about. The story, the essence, the meaning, the lessons embedded in the art. I don't really care what the medium is, I actually love experimenting with different things. I choose the medium depending on what I feel would be the best way to tell the story.
It wasn't until I was older that I started to paint regularly. I got serious about it after I was in a fire. It caused me to go though many challenges which changed the way I look at life. I feel I have a deep understanding of how quickly everything can end. So in my opinion, what really matters in the end is the way you treated others and the impact that you had on your community. I try to live by that, I want to spend my life pursuing wisdom and creativity to help lift my community.
I want to share my journey though art. I hope to encourage others to find their creative expression. I want to share the joy that I feel when I am working.

 I was born in Mexico City, México. I work out of Los Angeles, California.

Special Thanks 

I am so thankful for my family, friends, mentors, followers and collectors! Sharing my work with you has been a beautiful experience.  


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