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This is the painting with the black canvas. Look for 'Inertia 02' for the white one.


Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to a change in its velocity. This includes changes to the object's speed or direction of motion. An aspect of this property is the tendency of objects to keep moving in a straight line at a constant speed when no forces act upon them. So this painting is about the resistance that we have when life is pushing us to change. When trying to reach our goals, the only one who is truly in our way is ourselves. So this painting is about that. It's about the way we handle sudden change in our speed or direction as we are moving forward with our goals. It's also about inspiring us to keep moving in a straight line at a constant speed when no forces act upon us. Things always happen, life is complicated, it's entropy. So when life gives you a break, don't make excuses and take advantage of the peace to progress on your goals. When things get complicated and you get thrown off your course, remember the only one who can give up on your goals and dreams is you. 


If you would like to see more of my work please check out my online gallery under the 'portfolio' tab on the menu. If the painting you like is not listed on my shop it likely means that it has already been sold. You are more than welcome to send me a request to commission a painting.


All of my works come with an artwork bill of sale, a certificate of authenticity and a copyright certificate. 


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Inertia 01

SKU: 2018inertia01
  • 36" x 36" x 1.5"

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