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This painting is actually about biology. The background is like my 'Microbios' collection paintings. In this context it's about the human microbiome and the questions we have about it when thinking about becoming a multiplanetary species. We are like little planets full of microorganism that serve a purpose in our body. What is going to happen when we are encapsulated in a space suit? Scientists are conducting experiments about this but the thing is that, even astronauts who have lived on the ISS for over a year haven’t really experienced a microbiome that is not constantly changing. Since there are other astronauts going in and out of the ISS, microorganisms are also constantly going up there.  What happens when we leave earth for a decade and have little contact with people back on earth. How will our microbiome change?


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Neon Astro 01

SKU: 2020neonastro01
  • 48" x  60" x 1.5" 

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