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This painting is very dear to me. It's about science, technology and humanity in the near future. In 2009 a Russian Soyuz spacecraft carrying the world's first repeat space tourist and a new crew for the International Space Station boosted the population of space to its historical max: 13 people. It is the record for the maximum number of people in space at the same time. 13 people!? I cant wait to see the first crowd in space. I cant wait for us all to be out there among the stars. I think space will make us better people. I think we will become more united and someday borders will be irrelevant. Someday all humans will make decisions about the planet together and instead of trading with other nations we will be trading with humans from other planets. I cant wait to see the beginig of that. 

I tried giving this painting a vibe that feels a bit like it's a vintage postcard but about the future. 


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Space Crowd

SKU: 2020spacecrowd
  • 48" x 60" x 1.5"

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